GSA Film & Photo
Carlo Calipo
Hello! My name is Carlo Calipo and I am from Northern Kentucky! I go to Ignite Institute, which is a branch program from Ryle High School. I first started my filming journey back in 6th grade when I started to learn Premiere Pro. I have always had a strong passion for editing videos and expanding my knowledge as much as I could. From there I would always record anything, whether I am out shopping, at home, and at school, if I had the opportunity to record I would. The main thing that kickstarted my passion was Speed Cubing, which is a community of people who all compete against one another to try to solve a Rubik’s Cube as fast as possible. I went to competitions, where I would record every single one of my solves, as well as the environment in these venues. In 8th grade, my parents bought me my first camera, that I would bring everywhere with me. I adored taking pictures of anything that I could, and was extremely fun. This thrive for content ultimately led me to car meets and the car community, where I discovered my strong passion for cars. I started to see cars as not just vehicles, but pieces of art that their drivers are expressing and representing as a tribute to them. In the end of the day, filming and taking pictures make me happy, and if I am able to share that joy with others around me, then I know that I am in the right place!
Hey! My name is Eva Carias and I’m a rising senior at Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville, KY. My passion for photography started when I was little when I would run around my house carrying one of my mom’s old cameras, taking pictures of everything in sight. I’ve loved photography for my entire life but I didn’t start taking it seriously until a little over a year ago when I took Photo 1 and thought about applying to GSA. My favorite aspect of photography is the ability to be able to document my life and allow others to see the world through my eyes. I love being able to capture all the special moments between others and I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to experience this at GSA. While being at GSA, I have learned so much and have grown both as a person and as a photographer. I have enjoyed spending the past three weeks with other photographers and filmmakers who are equally as passionate as I am! As well as making so many memories and connections that I will forever cherish! Peace and Love <3
Mackenzie Cummings
Hey y’all! My name is Mackenzie Cummings, I am from Barren County and I will be a junior at Barren County High. Being completely honest I accidently fell in love with photography. I have always been in front of the camera playing all the sports I do and during one of my off seasons I decided I was going to be the one behind the camera and started my sports photography business from there. Ever since applying to GSA I have explored different types of photography. I have fell more in love with being a photographer every day and have realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. "Peace and Love!"
Lydia Doty
Ever since I was little, I created short Stop-Motion films with any toys I could get my hands on, making it seem like my toys came to life. Continuing my passion throughout the years, I taught myself how to animate, edit, and film my own stories to share with the community. Since my Freshman year at Central Hardin High School in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, I’ve helped out at my local television station filming events like sports, awards and performances at my local Performing Arts Centre. Even though I came into GSA without any knowledge of how to use a camera, I learned to take photos that can capture emotion and movement. I hope that my future creations can entertain and encourage other storytellers to find their own unique voice.
Faith Hardy
Hi! My name’s Faith Hardy. I’m from Louisville, KY and I’m a senior at Louisville Male High School. I’ve loved film and photography ever since I was little because my dad is a photographer so I’ve always been around it. I was already thinking about film being my career but it wasn’t until my freshman year that I realized how passionate I was about it. I remember watching La La Land for the first time and thinking, “Woah, this is pretty cool. I’d love to make movies like this.” Coming to GSA I thought I would be more drawn to film but I found that I love photography equally. My favorite type of photography would probably be street photography but I also love wildlife photography. I love photos and films that show a deeper meaning and that other people can relate to. My goal as an artist is to help other people get their ideas out and heard. My one piece of advice to anyone is to always be you and do what you love. If you truly want to do something that you’re passionate about, work for it. Peace and love!

Maddy Hofmann
Hi! My name is Maddy Hofmann and I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. I’m a rising senior at Atherton High School. I have loved capturing beautiful moments through iPhone photography ever since I was in middle school. I was gifted a canon camera when I was thirteen which allowed me to expand on my love for photography. During my high school years, my interests shifted from photography to film and news production. I find the process of creating a news episode through filming, interviewing, anchoring, and editing incredibly exciting. With that, I partly left photography behind. Through my time here at GSA, I was able to reconnect with photography and recover the love that I had for it. When I leave GSA, I hope to be able to keep my interests equal for both of these mediums and to continue capturing those beautiful moments. Peace and Love!
Elle Kennedy
Hi! My name is Elle Kennedy and I go to Mercy Academy in Louisville, KY. I grew up in a very musical and artistic family. From a young age, my love of video making and film has bloomed. From making YouTube videos with friends, pointless vlogs, and then moving into creating short films, my passion for storytelling became a very important part of my life. I love directing, writing, and even acting on camera. GSA has allowed me to take my storytelling even further with experimentation in photography and capturing stills with the same emotions as film. My dream is to create art that I’m proud of and GSA has assisted me in learning more skills to meet this goal.
Hazel Mackey

 Hello! My name is Hazel Mackey and I am from Barbourville Kentucky, but am a senior at Corbin High School. Like many others in this artform, I was fascinated with the art of photography from a very young age. I was gifted a camera 4 years ago and that fascination grew. What always intrigued me was the unmatched power that a single photo holds, and that made me want to pursue photography in some form. Before GSA, I was newer to filmmaking; wrapping up GSA, I feel inspired and interested in the world of film. GSA has been the most enriching experience for myself as a person, and for my future in this artform. I am extremely thankful for every person I have learned from here; my peers, my teachers, guest speakers, other artforms, etc. Where I am from, pursuing a career in the arts is discouraged and somewhat frowned upon, which has always given me doubts, but GSA has cured my doubts and left me with only hope. Peace And Love.

Vanessa Martinez Garduño
Hello! My name is Vanessa Martinez. I’m a rising senior at Atherton High School in Louisville.
Photography has been a passion of mine since I was very little. Flipping through my family’s photo albums inspired me from a young age to document everything I saw. Whether it was a birthday or a trip I would have some type of camera on me. GSA has helped me become a better photographer and learn more about film. I’m very grateful for everyone who made it such an incredible experience, peace and love ;)

Sage Mize-Harper
Howdy! My name is Sage Mize-Harper. I live on a farm in Calloway County and am an upcoming senior at Murray High School. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved film and music and I’ve always known I wanted them both to be a part of whatever career I choose. Over the last couple years, I’ve fallen in love with the process of capturing and editing clips of my friends, family, and anything else I find interesting. I love getting to turn the crazy ideas and stories I think up in my head into an actual film on a screen; nothing is more rewarding to me. GSA has not only helped me feel more confident in my filmmaking abilities, but has also taught me so much about photography. It’s been a truly amazing opportunity to get to work with so many dedicated and talented artists with the same passion for film and photography as me. I’ve made so many friends and learned so much from Will and James in these three weeks. I’ll forever be thankful for this experience and all the things I’ll take away from it. Peace and love <3

Hayden Melvin
Hi my name is Hayden Melvin and I’m a senior at Larry A. Ryle High School. Some of my favorite things in the world are my family and friends, Film, Doodling, and Skiing. I first got into film in 3rd grade after filming a movie with my cousins during a family vacation and my passion for it hasn’t faded since. After taking numerous film classes with an association called the Academy of Cinematic Arts, I got access to some amazing opportunities like being able to PA on a few sets and was even asked to speak at the ACAs golden gala. I have always had a love for storytelling and am glad I had the opportunity to tell some stories at GSA
Frankie Moore
My name is Frankie Moore, and I am a senior at SCAPA at Lafayette. As an artist, I am a filmmaker above all else, having been making movies since I was about 5 years old, when my parents bought me a cheap, second-hand video recorder. These past couple years I have learned to hone it more as an artform, and plan to pursue a career in or adjacent to it. Though, for me, a love for photography has been sparked here at GSA. I have learned so much here, from basic composition to how to push myself to see things in a new way. GSA has made me all the more confident and inspired about photography, and I would love to explore it as a hobby, or even something to carry into a career as a filmmaker. I am incredibly thankful for the teachers here, and the teachers that helped get me here.
Claire Walsh
Hello! My name is Claire Walsh and I am currently a rising senior at Mercy Academy in Louisville, Kentucky. Film and Photography has always been extremely important to me in terms of expressing myself and my creativity but, even more so in these last couple of years. After recent health struggles, I found myself turning toward films and the beauty of photography as a way to escape the chaos that was happening around me. I love telling stories and I find it incredible how my artform can express such a range of emotions that can be experienced by diverse groups of people. I want to continue being a storyteller in hopes of impacting others the way film and photography has impacted my life. I am forever grateful for my experience at GSA and the newfound motivation and pride it has inspired in me and my art.
Ryan Warford 
What’s up! My name is Ryan Warford. I live on a farm in Oldham County, Kentucky. I first picked up a camera in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. I would always go around the farm taking pictures of anything I could. I would take pictures of landscapes, wildlife, and more. Eventually, I ran out of things to photograph on the farm. For about a year, I set my camera down. However, going into my sophomore year in high school, I decided to photograph a football game. That football game quickly re-ignited my passion for photography, and I fell in love. I set up my own little photography business within my county, and I am paid to do what I love. My favorite part of photography is to capture memories for athletes and families that last a life time. Here at GSA, I’ve learned so much about photography and film. I’ve learned the importance of storytelling, composing the frame, and post-processing. I cannot thank James and Will enough for taking their time to teach me for three weeks. The memories and friends I’ve made at GSA will last forever!
Ashton Willis
Hello! My name is Ashton Willis, and I am from Campbell County. I am a junior at Highlands high school. My photography journey began in the 8th grade because I didn’t want to pay to go to my school’s football games. My father let me borrow one of his old cameras, and I was instantly hooked. Since then, it has been impossible to leave the house without a camera. The main reason why I love taking photos and conducting interviews is because I love the idea of making people feel seen. GSA has given me the opportunity to make community with all art forms, explore new mediums, and help me understand light and composition. This journey has been so much fun, I am so thankful for my friends and family who have supported me.
Layne Yeager
Hi! My name is Layne Yeager, and I’m a rising senior at Atherton High School in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve been surrounded by photography my entire life. My grandparents are super into photography and even gifted me my first digital camera when I was young. They took me to their photography classes and even let me borrow their own Canon camera, which ultimately allowed me to take the photos that got me into GSA. I will forever be grateful for the influence they’ve had on me and my creative growth. I became increasingly passionate in the realm of film and photography during my freshman year, where I took an intro class into media arts. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked. GSA has truly given me the opportunity to flourish and helped me to meet so many amazingly talented people that share in my love of this artform. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!
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